Weather Control

Top Ten: Conspiracy Theories (Part 1)

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Top Ten: Conspiracy Theories

Part 1

10. Global Warming

The earth is becoming warmer due to the ignorant lifestyle of humans. The globe’s temperature will continue to rise as humans continue to emit mass amounts of “greenhouse gases” each year. Eventually, sea levels will rise, potable water will disappear, and the planet will become inhabitable. Your H1 Hummer is going to kill us all! At least, this is what mainstream science, academia, and the media would have you believe. The greenhouse effect, where our carbon emissions trap in extra radiation from the sun – heating our planet beyond its safe limits – has been around since Joseph Fourier proposed the theory in 1824. The theory really began to boil about 150 years later when the phrase “Global Warming” became popular nomenclature. However, a select few in the scientific community like Lord Christopher Monckton oppose the idea of global warming or climate change. To these scientists, the warming of the earth is an ordinary trend that will naturally begin to cool soon enough. These scientists believe that an increase in sunspots and solar activity is to blame for the recent rise in temperature around the planet. But why would scientists, academia, and the media lie about such a thing? Money! If you can be convinced that you’re killing the earth by driving too much, cooling your home too often, and eating meat from a group of methane producing cows – then surely you can be convinced to pay a “carbon tax” to help offset your wasteful lifestyle. Somehow, this magical tax will repair any damage we’ve done to Mother Earth. Of course, the disbelievers of Global Warming might just be pawns paid for by big oil companies.

Weather Control

9. Weather Control

The idea of the government or worse, some elitist group of terrorists controlling the weather around the world is something that has been conjured up in science fiction for a century. However, the thought that government might not only have the capability to manipulate the weather but might actually be doing so is becoming more of a reality. Within the past decade, “cloud seeding” is gaining steam with numerous governments around the world. The idea is to drop an array of chemicals into a cloud before that cloud can turn into a storm. Both Russia and China have used this technique in the past few years to create good weather on National Holidays. However, some believe that weather manipulation may go well beyond cloud seeding. Some suggest that the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) is nothing more than an advanced weather modification program. HAARP conducts experiments where mass amounts of electromagnetic frequencies are shot off into the atmosphere. According to Dr. Nick Begich, shooting these directed energy beams into the ionosphere can cause “tsunamis and earthquakes.” One has to wonder if Hurricane Katrina, the Fukushima incident, and other catastrophic weather events are not directly related to black project weather modification.

8. Fluoride

Most people know very little about fluoride. It’s just something dentists make you rinse with and an ingredient in toothpaste to prevent cavities. Perhaps there is something much more sinister behind the use of fluoride. Some claim the use of Fluoride goes back to Nazi Concentration Camps, while others state it began during the Cold War. The Nazis were using Fluoride to keep prisoners docile or so the conspiracy goes. It is very difficult to confirm this theory, but what is certain is that in the 1950s many communities in the U.S. and Canada began to fluoridate their water. The reasoning behind this new trend was that by drinking fluoride citizens would suffer fewer cavities, leading to a healthier smile. Recently, there has been controversy over the use of fluoride in toothpaste and more importantly drinking water. A Chinese study found that developing children who consumed fluoride in their drinking water, compared with those who did not, scored significantly lower on IQ tests. Research suggests that even minimal amounts of fluoride in one’s daily intake might negatively affect neurological health and development. The big issue is putting a chemical into the water supply when it is impossible to control the dosage being consumed by a given individual. There is also evidence that fluoride does nothing beneficial to the teeth and may even cause bones in the body to become more brittle. Do you still want to drink your local water?

7. Giants

Did giants ever roam the earth? This conspiracy goes so deep many people know very little about it. The fact is any time evidence of a giant having existed appears it mysteriously goes missing. It is suspected that governments from around the world are trying to keep the fact that giants lived on the earth a secret. When an archeologist uncovers bones from a body estimated to be over 15 feet tall, these bones are taken; they are destroyed. When one looks around the earth at all of the monolithic creations, from Stonehenge to Giza, one must wonder whether humans were responsible or someone else – giants! Where would these giants have come from? According to the Bible and numerous traditions in folklore, giants actually lived on the earth. Genesis 6:4 says, “In those days, and for some time after, giant Nephilites lived on the earth, for whenever the sons of God had intercourse with women, they gave birth to children who became the heroes and famous warriors of ancient times.” Fallen angels having intercourse with human women led to giant offspring ruling over the ancient world. Why should this knowledge be kept a secret? Well if it were true, it would lend credence to the notion that there was a creator to this universe. This would be a tough pill to swallow for today’s scientific community.

6. The Pharmaceutical Industry

Commonly known as big pharma, there is a growing distrust between consumers and the large pharmaceutical corporations. Many people have a difficult time believing big pharma would have anything other than people’s interests at heart, but in the end, these corporations are after one thing: your money. A single drug can earn tens of billions of dollars per year for a large pharmaceutical company. These drugs are sold with lofty margins to account for R&D, or at least that is the excuse you will hear. Xanax, the popular drug used to treat anxiety and panic disorder is sold for $136.79 for 100 (1mg) tabs. The cost of the active ingredient in those 100 tabs is $0.024. That’s a markup of 569,958%! With the amount of money being made by these companies the question always arises, do pharmaceutical companies want you to be healthy? The answer is probably not. Every drug you take has some sort of side effect, which can be suppressed by taking another drug. These pills never cure your ailment, so you’re stuck coming back for more, month after month. Some suggest that these companies have cures for major diseases like cancer (people have been raising millions of dollars for cancer research since the early 1900s) and AIDS, but they are keeping the cures hidden so they can continue to profit off selling drugs that keep you alive and ill. Even more esoteric is the thought that these pharmaceutical companies might not only be keeping cures from the public but that they might actually be responsible for creating some of these new illnesses just to sell their products.